Few words about myself

Welcome to my travel blog. May name is Tim and I am a traveler. And this blog is a special place where I’m saving all my memories from m trips I’ve done. How and when my interest into traveling started?Keep reading 🙂

I don’t even remember. I was always interested in this area. Since I was a kid my parents used to send me to many camps. Those were different summer or winter camps to many different countries. I think I used to traveling so badly that now it’s just in my blood. I have even no idea what would I do today if I was not a traveller. However, I also like cooking so maybe I would be a cook who know… And yeah, every time I go to another place I try new food. I love trying strange food so I have a lot of fun travelling throughout the world, throughout the strangest places and trying local specialities.

So, reading reports from my journeys, you will find there some notes about different cuisines. But, let’s get back to the trips. Though travelling in itself is a wonderful activity, there is one specific reason why I choose the places I choose. Well, following the reports you will find out that usually I travel to places that have a huge historical importance. I am really interested in the history. The most I’m into the World War 2 times since a huge part of my ancestry has suffered during that terrible period. This cruel time has left its awful mark in many places and each of them is worth visiting. I know I’m not able to visit all of them. I know, but I would like to at least pay tribute to a few places that people forgot or abandoned. The place like Auschwitz will stay on my mind forever.

Anyways, hope guys you enjoy the blog and my posts. I want to share my experience with you trying to make you want to travel like me. Check out my voyages and share your opinion.

Rock Islands of Pulau, Singapoore
Rock Islands of Pulau, Singapoore