The Heavenly Island – Tidung

Have you ever crossed the bridge connecting Tidung Besar and  Kecil Islands? Me either. But this is still one of my biggest wishes. The island that I want to go so badly since I was a kid is called Tidung and they say that it is a real paradise on the earth. Sandy beaches, clear waters, fresh air and so on. What could you need more! It’s perfect! The only problem is to get there. Well, it’s not a lie that reaching the island of Tidung is quite challenging.

Anyways, Tidung is one of The Thousand Islands but in comparison to the others it’s not such a tourist destination. Oh, it’s not a tourist destination at all! The only way to get to the island is to cross the famous bridge I was talking about. But the bridge is not an usual bridge, its a very old bridge build of reed and its totally unsecured. Two ends of the rope creating the bridge are attached to two old Palm-trees standing on the shores. No-one can assure that the bridge can manage your weight. That’s why since 1978 no-one has crossed the bridge.

I was hanging out in Kecil Islands which is kinda tourist destination an heard from local people that in the island of Tidung only few persons live still, and all of them are very old. It seems like if no-one gets interested in the island soon it may be too late to meet those people living on the wildest island I have ever heard about.

Maybe this is actually why I want to visit Tidung so badly, maybe the reason is that people always want the one thing they cannot have. And since to is so hard to get to the island I want to do it more and more.

Another reason why I would like to visit that incredible and mysterious place is its story. It is said that between 1921 and 1955, lost of people inhabiting the Tidung have passed away after being infected by some dangerous virus that was bought to the island by some wild bird. It can be true, much less the island’s inhabitants they don’t have such an endurance like we – people living in much more developed countries. They probably hardly had a contact with most of our viruses and batteries since they hardly have a contact with other people. That means they are not caseharden or rather beaten. Most probably those people couldn’t live among us because of their lack of the immunity.

However, I am happy that there are still in the world places like this one that are not harmed by people and that you can admire the beauty of the nature. Hope to finally get there next year. Keep your fingers crossed!