Murrah Island i.e. the most fabulous place I have ever seen

A told you I am a traveller since I was a kid and trust me I have been to many places but this one – Murah Island is impossible to compare to anything!

As far, this is the most beautiful place I have ever been. The island like most of islands of The Thousand Islands is not very popular tourist destination. To all intents and purposes, only a few of them are really well facilitated and developed enough to be tourists’ favourite place. But those that are indeed are very well organised and prepared for thousands of people flocking into throughout twelve months.

But as I’ve already said, the great majority of the islands are wild, abandoned, but how beautiful and charming lonely islands. One of them is Murah Island that I have visited lastly for the third time in my life. Honestly, I could live there, start a family, build a small bungalow and live a happy life. Unfortunately this will never happen since the island as the most of The Thousand Islands is a property of the city-country of Singapore. Though the great majority of the island’s area is unused the government is constant in it’s decisions and doesn’t let anybody to buy it or use it. That’s a big shame since the island of Murrah is a real paradise. But not everybody  can/should go there especially people who are fearful.

First and foremost to get there you need to have current vaccinations. Do not forget that due to the island is wild there live many wild and really dangerous creatures. I’m talking about many species of poisonous spiders. To be honest this is actually the only reason why I go to Murrah Island so rarely. If not this I would spend there most of my free time. Flights from Philippines are pretty cheap and quick, but having those super-dangerous spiders on my mind… what can I say.

The most perilous is Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen. This little creature became a cause of thousand people’s death. An yes, those people were usually tourists. Not every organism is able to fight with such a poison even if vaccinated before. However, many people go to Murrah to dive. Indeed, the underwater world of Murrah Island is totally breathtaking, amazing, and cosmic! For a long time I have been looking for some place kind of the island of Murrah but I still fail. Hope someday I fill find it and for sure I will share with you guys! But for now Murrah Island is the only such incredible place in the world.

The Murrah Coast
The Murrah Coast

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